Why do child artists never fail to act well?

Why do child artists never fail to act well?- One 2 Theatre

It is said that there must be a child inside an actor, who never grows with time. In this article we will discuss why child artists never fail to perform well, whatever be the stage. Also we will talk about how acting of a mature actor differs from that of  a child artists. It will be an important topic for the actors, they will get to know how they can perform well and how they can keep the child inside them alive.

There are a lot of movies in which child artists have played imporatant roles or sometimes the lead roles like Little Boy (2015) , Harry Potter (Film Series) Let us go in the past when we were child, we had no responsibilities, everything was free for us. But most important thing which is important for every actor was that nothing was fake, no fake emotions, no fake attitudes, these are some of the most important things necessary for a good act.


In my experience, most of the actors face problem in expressing theirself truely. whereas child artists express them truely, the only reason for this in my opinion is that they don’t understand the art of faking thing. This is the problem with young actors and all most every grown up actors that they try to fake things just because they have a thought in their mind that how they are looking on screen, they give more value to their looks, they have a fear in mind if they are not looking good on screen, audience will not like their act.

What's the SECRET ????????


Child artists are not conscious about their looks, they don’t have fear of not looking good on screen, they just give what is true. If they are happy they will show the real expression of happiness, if they are sad they will give the real expression of sadness. Child artists don’t think how they are looking, how their hairstyles are, and that makes an act truthful.

I was once watching a stage show and there was a child actor of age around 10 years, he had a small role of 9-10 dialogues, what is important  to notice here was that he didn’t make a single mistake and that day I clearly understood why it is said, ” There must be a child inside every actor “.

When actors are described  the scene they start to imagine it in their mind, without a doubt it is a good thing, every actor must do it but the problem starts when they start judging the direction of director or they start thinking that this scene should be done like this or that and it keeps actor and director on two different page, the actor refuses to accept what director is giving and then a fake act is created. I have also made the same mistake when I was doing rehearsal for a stage show, I created a character whereas director clearly described me not to do so. But I realised my mistake and accepted it. Child artists do not run their mind like that they just accept what director is giving, they act exactly the way director has described the scene and THAT MAKES A SCENE BEAUTIFUL.

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