When early men acted for their future generation.

It is said that acting was invented in 600 BC in Greece and Aristotle was the first person to appear on stage or you can say Aristotle was the first actor playing a character on the stage. But the question is “Did early men also act ? “. If yess then next question arises “What was their stage ?” and If they had a stage then the question that comes in mind is “ Who was their audience ?”

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What was their act ?


The answer of all the above questions lies in another question which is “How did the early men teach the hunting skills to their children when there was no language to communicate?”. I think now you can connect with the topic, if not, I am here to explain.

Early men used their actions of holding the tools and throwing it to show their kids how hunting is done. Basically here early man is playing the character of a hunter in front of his audience that is his children, so that his children can hunt to survive in future. The stage of the actor was the open field or forest, the emotion of the actor in this case is “Feeling of Proud” and the attitude that he was carrying is “Aggressive”.
Knowledge has been passed from generation to generation but it is a lot easier now a days with the help of digital instruments and internet. But what about the time when their was no language to talk. Their body and their actions were the medium of communication. This is how acting helped then to pass the knowledge of hunting to their next generations.
To teach the skill of hunting, early men used their body and did acting to teach how to throw the tool and kill the animal. We can also say that acting is the oldest mode of communication in human civilization.

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