We need to become a real hero and save theatre art.

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Only a theatre artists know the value of theatre, only they know what they were before becoming a theatre artist and what theatre makes them. But the problem is, only theatre artist knows this. In this article the main focus is on the reasons behind why theatre art is at a point where every theatre artist needs to become a real hero and save it.
We are living in a society where persuing theatre is out of white collar jobs. Where most of the parents have a thinking that there is no future in theatre art for their children. They have their own expectations from their children but the problem is that there is no place for their child’s own dreams. Middle class parents think that only way to live a good life is to crack a government job exam. Parents feel good to know that their child has an interest in arts till he is in the school but after school things change if the same parents come to know their child is still interested in arts and wants to make a career in it. The point here is people needs to learn the benefits of art and specially theatre art and as a theatre artst it is our duty to save it. Honestly speaking it is a hardest part of life when the parents and children have different career plans.

We as an artist need to make parents realise the importance of theatre in life of every human being not only child but for people of every age group. Theatre is a stress relieving activity and can help a person live a happy life. We should support theatre and promote online so that not only school or college students but even working people can join as it will very helpful for them to relax themselves after a tiring 8 hours in office.
But it doesn’t end here. Another problem that theatre is facing is lack of creativity in young generation and there way of choosing the easier platform like Tik-Tok, musically, etc to show their face on internet and even think that they have become an actor. Being a theatre artist, I would advice them atleast not to think they are becoming an actor by using using these apps. They don’t even know the beautful taste of real performance in front of live audience with the fear in heart and the happiness at the end of the play. They can not feel the pleasure of hearing sound of applause. They need to understand if they want to become a good actor then they need to talk the long and a little bit hard road. Acting is not that easy and there are no shortcuts to learn theatre art.

Is this the only problem?

Another problem that theatre is really facing is low audience to watch and support some small theatres. Most of the audience prefer to watch plays of big and famous theatre group. Many small theatre groups where students give fees to learn acting, work hard for weeks to give their best on stage but don’t get audience on the day of play. Now this is a real problem, population of our country is in billions, who prefer going to cinema halls to watching a stage play.

As a theatre artists it is our duty to forget the competition among ourselves, become real hero and support & promote eachother. We, the theatre artists, know how much it takes to overcome the fear and prepare for 1 to 1.5 hours of performance.

Lets join hands and save the theatre art.

One 2 Theatre wants every theatre artist to share this blog with their theatre artist friends and support theatre art. Be a helping hand, be a real hero and save the theatre art. We need to save theatre art and even our young artists from the negetivity of society, we need to save theatre art by promoting stage plays and turn the people towards the theatre. One 2 Theatre is a platform not only for learning theatre art but also we support the theatre art and will do whatever it takes to save and promote theatre. Its time to take an action to solve the problems theatre art is facing and save it by reaching out every person in our country to create awareness and become a real hero.

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