Tik Tok ban news shocked low budget superstars of India

If you are a regular social media user then you must have seen some kids doing funny activity on indian songs and movie dialogues with their eyes red. Sometimes they are seen crying like they are beaten up by their parents and without wasting their tears they made a tik tok video. But there is a bad news for those selfie superstars. Supreme Court has put a ban on popular Chinese short-video mobile application Tik Tok and asked iTunes and Google Play Store to remove Tik Tok in India.

What’s the matter?

Tik Tok Ban News
SC put a ban on Tik Tok app in India

Some days back One 2 Theatre posted a blog “We need to become a real hero and save theatre art.” on social media to support theatre art save it from these stupid selfie superstars and Supreme Court became the real hero this time. Lets come to the serious side of this matter. As devices like computers and mobile are also available to everyone including kids and teenage, this app has become a fun activity for them but there is a condition to go viral and become famous and that is you need to do crazy and wierd acts like to act like drunk by drinking water, crying with red eyes, 10 year old kids crying for their ex and many more E-grade stuffs like this. This is affecting the mentality of small kids and teenagers, as they started getting good number of views their craziness level stepped to the next level.

Being a theatre artist I felt bad to see some celebrities doing the same things on Tik Tok, they should understand that their videos on such apps can make it popular and lead to small kids doing wrong stuffs at very young age. It is affecting the mental growth of small kids and at the age when they should play outside and learn to become social, they are making videos on Tik Tok. People making videos on this app think it as an opportunity to become actors and have a misunderstanding that it is improving their acting skills. I found it really disheartening to see some actors and theatre artists making videos like this. Theatre artists do a lot of exercises and training to learn acting and theatre art which is the purest form of acting and some theatre artist took this app as a platform to show their skill.

Stop Supporting these apps.

Acting is a nice art but you should opt theatre to learn acting skills rather than making videos on applications like Tik Tok and Musically, these apps just make you a funny personality and moreover a joke. It creates a negative impact on our young generation. As mobiles are easily available to kids and children so this is our responsiblity to make a good use of social platform and should not promote videos and apps like this which can put a break on the brain development of school going students and college teenagers.

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