Real Acting Vs Natural Acting. Which one is your method?

Acting is a talent which requires dedication, patience, discipline, and a little bit of craziness. It is the duty of every acting & theatre teacher to teach the basics of acting to their students so that the level of acting quality of upcoming generation steps to next level. There are a lot of theatre artists and actor who are confused about many topics of theatre art and acting. Difference between Real Acting & Natural Acting is one of the important topic they are confused about. Today we will understand about these forms of acting in details.

Real Acting Vs Natural Acting

What is Real Acting and Natural Acting?

Natural Acting is the character prepared by an actor after he has done a research about the character and made a character chart. He has turned himself into his character he is feeling like the character. In short he has created a character which is different from the actor actually is. 

On the other hand, in Real Acting the actor doesn’t create a character but does the character just the way he is actually in real. Like he will deliver his dialogues just the way he talks in his normal life. Lets discuss it in details with the help of some examples and we will know about actors who comes under each category.

To understand this let us take an example of a scenerio of a king’s character, so that you can connect to the concept easily. Lets say 2 actors, one follows real acting method and second actor follows natural acting, they both get same script to prepare and their character is King of a certain dynasty. But the problem is they have no knowledge of the period the king lived in. They don’t know about his talking and walking style. Their job is to create such a character. Now this is the point where Real Acting and Natural Acting can be understood.

According to this situation lets talk about Natural Acting first. Now lets talk about the actor who follows natural acting. He will study about the character and will do research on it. He will create a character of king according to the data and his observations. Now focus on this part he will modify his voice according to his research and age of the character he will create his own talking and walking style. In short he will convert himself into the character. A character of king which is different from the actual person, the nature of king character will be different from the nature of the actor playing that character.

Basically the actor researches about the character and thinks how the king should be and convert himself into the king. This method of acting is called Natural Acting. If you have any doubt or question till now please leave a comment below

Real Acting and how is it different from Natural Acting ?

Now to understand Real Acting Method, let take the same scenerio but this time actor follows the real acting method. He has got the same script but his thinking style is different. He also researches about the king but he doesn’t prefer making changes into his nature or change himself and converting himself into character. He believes that he is the king himself, the nature of king is similar to the actor. He will make necessary changes but about 90-95% of the character will be the actor himself. If you know the actor personally then you can easily see that the character he is playing is himself in real. 
Basically the actor gets a scripts, he researches about it but keeps the nature of the character as he is himself. Or you can say he made himself believe that THE CHARACTER IS HIMSELF.
This is the difference between Real acting & Natural acting. Now we look at some examples of each type of acting methods and make this concept more clear.

Natural Actors

Real Actors

I hope the concept of real acting and natural acting is clear to you by now. If you have any query or doubt. Leave a comment below. If you like this article, share it with your actor and theatre friends.

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