Observe the world and build characters

One 2 Theatre-Eyes Observe the world.

In the world of theatre, an actor should always know how to react and improvise in different situations of life. It is always helpful to perform if you have a good observation power. If you know the different reactions people give in different situations, you can make a number of characters.

Importance of observation in theatre.

A theatre artist needs to be a creative person and creativity comes from a creative mind and mind works on the memories stored in it and memories need observation. In short, theatre artists who observe how people reacting to different situations can carry their attitude in his or her actions.

if you don’t know different types of reactions possible for a situation, you will end up doing the same thing every time you have that situation. In order to be a versatile actor, your observation power must be high.

There is an exercise called Animal Work in which actor has to carry the walk and actions of animalsthis exercise requires a good observation skill of an actor to remember the walk and actions of different animals

Let’s me make it easier

Consider yourself an actor of age around 20’s and you have to play the character of an old man whose age is around 60’s. Now you cannot understand the mentality of an old man, also his voice is heavier than yours and he feels pain in walking. Now, these things are common in old age. Now you cannot do real acting because you are a young person. In this case, observation helps you, all you need to do is observe an old man and see how he walks, talks and how he reacts to different situations.

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