GAME OF THRONES brings the winter this April.

Game of Thrones without a doubt has a separate fan base all over the world. With a great story line and IMBD rating of 9.5, this TV Series has made the whole world go crazy with its first teasor of its upcoming and last installment of Game of Thrones series. The teaser has already crossed over 24 millions views on Youtube.

Game of Thrones TV Series HBO- one 2 theatre

GoT has become a coin with two sides, on one side, fans are eagerly waiting for release of season 8. On the other side of the coin, the same fans are sad to realise that this is the last season of this epic TV series. This season will be aired on 14th April 2019 on HBO network and have 8 episodes. Game of Thrones is also known for giving its every episode an ending full of suspense. You just can’t stay calm unless you watch the next episode. Moreover last episode of every season ends with a brain freezing suspense, this is one of the quality of GoT. 

Game of throne is a fiction based on the book  “A song of Ice and Fire” written by George R.R. Martin. His inspirations included the Wars of the Roses and the French historical novels The Accursed Kings by Maurice Druon. As of August 2016, the books have sold more than 70 million copies all over the world and, as of January 2017, have been translated into 47 languages.

Game of Throne’s strength lies in the storyline and the perfection with which every incident is related to each other. If you want to get the real fun of this amazing TV Series then try to research about how families in GoT are related to each other and their history on internet. Game of Thrones TV series is just a Flower and the ” A Song of Ice and Fire” is the whole garden. If Suspense is your cup of Coffee then GoT is the perfect Cafe for you.

Even if you watch it with an artist point of view, you will get a lot to learn. Direction of this TV Series is of another level and its story cannot be described in words. Every actor has done a great job. Even its VFX team is in the race of excellent performance just the way they created the whole new world of GoT and the dragons are created through VFX with great detailed work.

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