Expressive, Loud & Clear- Weapon of a theatre artist.

You have to be EXPRESSIVE 

You should be LOUD

You must be CLEAR.

One 2 Theatre - Expressive loud clear

It is not that simple to be on stage. Not just expressive but you have to be audible, loud and clear till the last row so you need to be loud but not very loud because you also need to take care of the audience in the first row. Now the question arises “How loud you should be ????? ”

What happens when you as an actor are not audible to the audience, they lose the flow of the play and may be if its a free show, they will simply walk away. It makes a negative impact not only on you, may be they don’t know you but on the theatre group as well.

An actor’s voice is his strength and the most important important weapon he has. An act is useless if the audience doesn’t understand the dialogues. When you are on stage in front of large number of audience sitting till the last row, it will be your voice that will create an impact and hold the audience till the end, if the story is good.

What is the problem ?


We are habitual of talking in a normal pitch when other person is standing near us. But if there is a scene on stage in which two friends are talking to each other, now the actors cannot keep their pitch level normal because they must be audible to the audience. The point is, in theatre we need to vary our pitch level depending on the magnitude of the scene and our emotion. Most of the actor make this mistake and this mistake is always excused being actor’s first stage experience, so there is no need to feel discouraged if you make the same mistake. But it is also important to learn from this mistake and not to repeat. Below is a youtube video helpful to practice and a good voice exercise. Never forget, you have to be expressive, loud & Clear.

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