Most of the people have a misconception that Emotions ( रस in Hindi ) and Feelings both are the same. But the actual thing is they are related but not the same. Have a look at the picture below to understand the basic difference. Basically Feeling is the state of mind or how you feel inside your body whereas Emotions are visible on your body through your gestures and most importantly through your expressions

Types of Emotions 

In the world of theatre, there are 9 types of Emotion also called NAVRAS. A theatre artist must have a good knowledge of emotions. Have a look at the table below.


रसFeeling ofस्थायी भाव
शृंगार रसLoveरति
हास्य रसHappinessहास
करुण रसSadnessशोक
रौद्र रसAngerक्रोध
वीर रसProudउत्साह
भयानक रसFearभय
वीभत्स रसDisgustघृणा
अद्भुत रसSurpriseआश्चर्य
शांत रसNeutralनिर्वेद


Emotions for actors.

Emotions are very important for an actor as it helps to make a character truthful. Actors need to carry emotions and attitude of their character while they are on the stage. It helps them to make their character truthful and this truthfulness connects the audience with the character and the scene. An actor must do theatre exercises in which he or she can work on this. These exercises helps to get rid of shyness and helps alot to gain confidence.

For Extra Knowledge.

There are chances that you will also get two additional emotions apart from those mentioned above. These two are basically originated from शृंगार रस . Lets discuss them:

वात्सल्य रस

स्थायी भाव: वात्सल्यता (अनुराग)

It is the emotion of love elders have for the younger ones. For example : Love of Mother for her children.

भक्ति रस

स्थायी भाव: देव रति

As the name describes it is the love for God or Goddess.

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