Book reading makes an actor perfect.

Books have been a part of our life since our childhood. Books have been a medium of passing knowledge from one generation to another. Book reading is a powerful tool for a theatre artist. Here we will discuss how book reading can make an actor creative and a better artist than ever.

It is said that an actor should be educated. It doesn’t mean he should be graduated from a big and reputed college. It actually means he should have a good knowledge of almost every profession. He should keep himself up-to-date with current affairs. This kind of knowledge helps an actor to know about different types of life a person is living, different situation of life, different types of cultures and how world is changing day by day. As it is the duty of an actor to blend these things and create a character out of it.

There are mainly two types of books Fictional and Non-Fictional. Non-Fictional books provide us knowledge of an actual world and every information written in it is either real or scientifically proven. 

But for an actor what’s more beneficial is the other kind of book which is a fictional type. As the name describes these are fictional in nature or in simple terms self created or work of fiction. Be it story books, novels, drama books or any other fictional work, these books help an actor to boost his or her creativity.

Book Reading for an actor - One 2 Theatre

Fictional book reading helps an actor to become a good improviser. Books can become a treasure for an actor. An actor who reads books can never have lack of words and improvisation is just of mind and words. Fictional books are full of fiction characters, and an can learn how a character is created by the story writer. How a character is talking to other characters in different situations, also feel the emotions of the different scenes, it helps an actor to create different characters.

The best way to read a fictional book is to visualise the scene while reading, it helps to boost creativity, create a visual image of the character. Fictional book reading can help an actor to understand the writer’s point of view, which is very important when he is reading a script for a play or film shoot. Not just for actors, it is also important for a director to understand the vision of the writer.

Book Reading is very important to create a character from historical period. Lets say an actor needs to prepare a character who lives in 17th century or even before that. Now the only way to such a character is to reads articles and books which describes the dressing scene of that time, how people back then used to talk, and many more information required to create a character.

Hope you got to know the importance of reading for an actor. Don’t forget to go through our blogs and learn a lot more things. Stay in touch and Keep yourself Up-to-date.

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