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Best and one of the most important part of acting in theatre or for camera acting is character making. This is the most creative part of acting and most important as well. You need to do something new with your skills that can make your identity, get you under the lime light, and that thing is to make interesting characters. In this article we talk about how to research for making character. With an example of height of ancient humans, you will get to know how to research for making a character.

Height of ancient humans and character building - One 2 Theatre

Lets get started with the height of ancient humans.

For every theatre artist, one of the best day is when he gets a character to perform in stage play or when he gets a role in movie. The moment he or she gets script, the time starts to work on his or her character, to do character research and create a character chart, so that he can play his part truthfully. Character research is the most important thing to make a character, we will talk about this in detail in another blog. Here our main focus is to know how to do research for character. Height of ancient humans is just an example to know how to observe things once you get a script to create a character. It will tell you how you can get small details about your character.

Why height of Ancient Humans ?

Most of you must be thinking that why are talking about height of ancient humans and how is height of ancient humans relevant with character research? Well here we will not talk about the whole method of character research, every one has their own methods, but after reading this article you will understand how to observe the things related to your character and add things to your character chart
Once I was told by theatre teacher to work on an ancient character and start making a character chart. So I started to see films based on ancient period, I tried to observe things and made a character chart. It was hard to make a character chart and visualise that era as we are living in 21th century and almost every thing is changed. I gave the same reason to my teacher and showed him the character chart I made.

My teacher told me that my character chart is just a waste of time as I had not done a good research on ancient humans. He asked me what was the height of ancient humans. I said may be around 6fts and he replied 6ft was the height of average or below average people in that time. I was shocked to hear that and asked him how did he know this. He asked me again, have I ever went to see Agasen ki Baoli, I said yess. He asked me how comfortable are its stairs? I said its hard to climb stairs. He said it is hard for me to climb those stairs but it was comfortable for people of that era when it was made.
He taught me if I want to know the height of a character, always visit the monuments and famous places that were constructed in the time of our character’s life. Height of ancient humans as just an example but I got to know the way to see the world, to observe the monuments to visualise the people living in that time. I learned alot that day and character building was more fun after that. Old monuments and constructions have enough to tell about the people living in its era. It just depends on our observation skills how much we can get.
It is not just old monuments, we can make our character looking at non living objects. I will tell about this in my another blog. Stay tuned for that. Share this with your theatre artist friends and relatives.

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