An actor’s skin belongs to the director.

An actor's skin belongs to the director - One 2 Theatre

In this article we will talk about emotion of Love. Film and theatre industry has changed and improvised with time. Romantic scenes have evolved a lot, actor don’t hesitate to do intimate scenes on screen. Kissing scene is common in films now. Actors have no issues with liplocking and comfortably do kissing in front of camera. Audience of new generation doesn’t find these scenes inappropriate.

This has also affected the career of actors who have their comfort zone specially female actors. Now a days, we can see intimate scene in majority of movies. These scenes cannot be considered wrong from actor’s point of view because its their job to play a part of life on screen. Intimate scene has taken the competition in film industry to another level. Now actors have to put their shy nature aside and need to understand that their skin belongs to the director. 
We can see actors doing bed scenes in films. Not only this, movies and webseries  like RangrasiyaNew YorkPKLipstic under my burkhaSacred Games where actors are shown semi-nude or totally nude which is common in Hollywood industry. Bollywood seems to be walking on the footprints of Hollywood in this matter. Now the question arises ” How is this going to affect our new generation budding actors ? “

If you are learning acting and want to be seen on big screens, it is important for you to accept that you need to train your mind for these scenes in future as acting is not that easy anymore and shyness has no place in film industry. These scenes require will power, guts and the most important one, control over your body because it is not just you, your co-actor should not feel insecure because of you. Actors should always know how to mold their emotions and how to control their senses and body. There are some theatre exercises which are focussed on senses, focus and emotions which are very helpful for an actor to be in character. 

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