An actor knows the art of staying young FOREVER.

Life cycle starts from birth and ends at death. This is what we understand when we hear these words “Life Cycle”. But whats really matters is the time span from birth to death. Life is all about living it to the best but very few people live their life the way it should be. At young age they live carrying the burden on their shoulders and when they become old they live with regrets of living life in a wrong way. Today we will talk about how an actor stays young forever though he is carrying the same burden of life.

Creativity adds years to your life. - Young Forever - One 2 Theatre

Creativity adds years to your life.

An actor knows the art of living young in old age and living the life of an old person at a young age. The secret is none other than creativity and happiness. We become old when we feel like and accept that we are old enough. But instead if you tell yourself that age is just a number and I am living my life just like a young person does, you can work as efficiently as a young person.

In theatre, we do exercises which increases our flexibility and keeps our body fit, which is very important as an actor to create different types of characters. Also our characters live within our body forever, and these characters help us make each day a different one and creative one, our mind never stops working and our thought process helps our mind stay young.

Happiness is the key to living young forever, and it is important to find happiness in every situation of life. Good and bad times are irresistable part of our life, but it is our duty to handle situations wisely. No matter how bad days are, there is always a little happiness which our eyes can find, just because our full focus is on that bad situation. This is where our creative mind helps us to tackle situations like these. A good actor has control over his mind because he knows how to keep personal life away from his professional life and his profession is to convince his mind whatever is the demand of scene, his mind is feeling the same. 

Our subconscious mind can help us stay young forever, all you need to do is tell yourself that you are young. It is important to focus on the words you choose. There are two sentences one is ” I am still young ” and other is ” I am young “. The first sentence is like you are convincing yourself and second sentence shows confidence and affirmative. So you have to choose the second sentence.

This is where acting skills help us, when we create characters it is our duty to be confident that the character is actually ourself and our subconscious mind takes it and helps us in real acting. The same way you need to make your subconscious mind take your words that you are young, and you will stay young forever. 

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