About Us

learn theatre art & acting online

One 2 Theatre is an online platform where theatre artists and actors can learn theatre art & acting online and develop themselves into a better artists. The main focus of this website is to educate actors who want to learn acting skills and proper ways of doing theatre exercises, also some other contents which will help them learn theatre art & acting online to become a good actor.

About The Blogger

Mayank Dhyani is a 23 years old theatre artist with a passion for acting and direction. He has been working on his acting skills since his college days. He has a science background, he has persued Btech in Mechanical and Automation Engineering from Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, IPU. His motive behind making this website One 2 Theatre is to use his experience in theatre world and write blogs for theatre artists over digital platform and help them to grow in this field.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote theatre as a part of our extracurricular activity and educate budding artists about the basic knowledge important to practice theatre in a proper way. We believe that theatre helps to make a person a good human being and this website is our contribution to it.

Our Social Links

You can follow us on facebook page One 2 Theatre and can get updates of our new blogs and also we upload post related to theatre art and acting on daily basis to keep our audience up-to-dated, you can click on our blog links and directly land on our website.

Also you can follow us on Instagram : @one2theatre.

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