10 reasons why Schools should provide theatre education as a subject.

There was a time when we used to get homework and there was no technology. We had to complete our homework without internet, the only way to do it was to use our creativity. But with time the method of doing homework is shifted from creativity to Copy & Paste. In this blog we will talk about the reasons why theatre education is necessary for the growth of children and how they can achieve a good life with the help of theatre art. 

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Theatre in India is an underrated art which is rejected by the parents mostly. Parents are so much worried about their children’s future that they start taking decisions for their children’s career. And that’s where the problem rises. They just forget that it should be their children’s decision to choose the right career option for them. In India, theatre education is just limited to the cultural activities in school. Indian education system without a doubt supports theatre art but not as a subject in schools. Theatre education in India is one of the required subjects that should be included in school’s curriculum. 

10 Reasons why Theatre Education should be introduced in schools.

1- Theatre art helps in personality development and improves soft skills like public speaking, communication skills, relationship building, etc.


2- Theatre is the best way to teach about society in a practical way. As the technology is increasing day by day. Children spent most of their time inside home at digital platform like facebook, smartphones, etc which is affecting their social behavior.


3- It is an interesting form of art which teaches how to react in different situation in life. Life is all about learning with time. It is very important for children to learn how to handle different situation which they can face in their age. Disaster management is the best example for this, it is taught in schools as a subject but this can be helpful and easy for students to learn it practically through stage.

4- Theatre is one of the best way to boost the confidence level, many of the students lack of confidence which results in the poor performance in academics and sports activities.


5- Theatre education without a doubt can help to remove the stage fear. Stage fear is a leading problem which results in poor presentation skill. After college when a person enters into the corporate industry or any service for job, presentation skills become need of the hour.


6- One of the problems which every student face in their life is stress. Be it the burden of homework, exams, tests or any kind of stress, theatre activities are certainly stress busters.

7- As any kind of reading is important for theatre art, students can develop reading habbits which can help them in their academics.


8- Along with activities, theatre also involves several exercises like vocal exercise, physical exercise, stretching, etc , this can help students to keep themselves fit and active.


9- Creativity is the one of the best part of theatre art. Theatre education can help students to develop their minds with creativity. They can perform very well in their annual functions and many competitions like debate, games and many more.


10- Theatre teaches you to know yourself and makes you a good person. Theatre education in schools can help students to become social, helpful, respectful and make them able to introduce themselves with confidence.

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